Your engine is the heart of your vehicle.  If something goes wrong, replacing it with a second hand engine is not always the best long term option as it can require further repairs and could cost you more money in the long run.

We have proudly specialised in building & reconditioning engines for the past 30 years.  We provide a full range of engine assessment, diagnostic, reconditioning, and rebuilding services carried out by our professionally trained and highly experienced technicians.  We recondition and repair both petrol and diesel engines to bring them back to (or better than) original factory condition, performance and efficiency. Whether it’s your daily vehicle, classic car, race car, digger or boat, we’ve got the skills & expertise for all your engine needs.

In addition, we are proud to build race engines for a variety of different motorsport applications whether on the track, drag strip, dirt or water. Through our own race experience we know the importance of striking the perfect balance between high performance and reliability. We deliver precision engine machining with our state of the art equipment, right through to complete engine builds from start to finish, including engine removal, refitting, start up and dyno tuning.

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