Performance Rebuilds & Blueprinting

Whether you are looking to get more horsepower or performance out of your current race engine, wanting to refresh your engine in time for the next race season, or you are looking to start a race project from scratch, we have the expertise to get you on the track!

Here at GER we are not just avid motorsport fans, but we build and race our own cars so we now what’s important when in comes to engine performance and reliability. We have worked on all types of race engines, from classic engines racing in the historic race series, to providing specialist engine machining services for Speedway engines, NZ V8 Super Tourers, Drift cars, through to Powerboat engines.

With the use of our state of the art equipment and expertise we pride our selves on delivery top quality workmanship, results and performance you can rely on.

Performance Rebuilds & Blue-Printing

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